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Welcome, and thanks for dropping by to visit the Duff Mandolins website. I hope you enjoy taking a look around the workshop and seeing what I am up to. I run a one man workshop and I like to take a hands-on approach to building my instruments. I mean ‘hands-on’ both figuratively and literally here. I do like to keep my hands on the instrument throughout the entire building process; it helps me get a feel for the progress of each particular instrument.

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I like the process of developing each of the varied skill sets involved in luthierie. Consequently, I don’t use a CNC router. By spending so many years hand carving, hand colouring and French polishing, I feel as though I’ve had the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how to get the most out of each set of materials.
From time to time I’ll be sharing my thoughts and some images on instruments from the latest batch on the ‘What’s On The Bench’ page.

Please feel free to contribute your comments. You can email me directly through the ‘Contact’ page.

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