What's on the Bench

In the previous posting the instrument had been striped of its colour and sanded. Here we can see that the sunburst has been completed and the red for the back and sides applied.

Restoration of a 1921 K2 Mandocello. Part 2.

Now that the repairs are complete it is time to continue with the restoration of the K2. I will be restoring the colour and finish to how it would have come out of the factory . I'll be paying particular attention to recreating the colours of the sunburst on the top and the beautiful red for the back and sides.

I'll be french polishing the instrumnet in spirit varnish.

Once some protector coats of spirit varnish have been brushed on I am then able to scrape all the bindings (and the rosette) of colour.

With all the bindings scraped clean, I can then start the french polishing process.

This image shows the early stages of french polishing on the top. I'm very happy with how the colours turned out for the sunburst as well as the back and sides. Just like it came out of the Gibson factory.